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We affirm that the world's magnificence
has been enriched by a new beauty:
the beauty of speed.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti - Manifesto of Futurism -




Accelerated-KNOPPIX and the Acceleration Kit for cloop Live CD was released under GPL (GNU Public Licence).



About Accelerated-KNOPPIX

Accelerated-KNOPPIX is a fast boot KNOPPIX by optimizing start-up part of live CD.

The development of Acclerated-KNOPPIX is developed by Alpha Systems Inc. and adopted as a "Project of Infrastructure Building for OpenSource-Software 2005" by Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan.

We evolve live CD to not only trial, but the base of open source software.

"A LiveCD is an operating system stored on a bootable CD-ROM that can be executed from it, without installation into a hard drive. Live CDs have a reputation for supporting advanced auto-configuration and plug-and-play functionality. This is necessary so as to avoid requiring the user to configure the system each time it boots, and to make them easily usable by those who are new to the operating system. " (Wikipedia.com)

It is not only KNOPPIX to benefit from the development of boot time improvement, but also other Live CDs which use cloop file system.

The target of this project is to make the start time of
conventional live CD below the half !

The mechanism of acceleration in the live CD

The visualization of access situation to cloop

A cloop profiler is developed in order to grasp the access situation of CD.

cloop profiler

Rearrangement of a cloop block, and development of a driver for cloop

Although various files are referred to in Live CD in the case of a system startup, since each position of media is dotted with the file, a lot of seeking will generate it at the time of reading. If the seek time of this CD is lost, it will be said that data can be transmitted at a stretch from CD. Then, the seek time of a pickup is reduced by rearranging the file read at the time of starting on a block level.

CD read-out part

The optimization of entire boot sequence

Live CD performs automatic recognition of the peripheral equipment of PC at the boot sequence.

Although the cache of the file required for starting of a desktop are predicted and carried out in the meantime, if there are few memories which can be used for cache, starting will become slow conversely. By this development, memory capacity is examining making it an effect show up at least because the predicted data carries out the cache of the compression image of cloop as it is.

boot sequence

project road map

2005/09/17 OSC2005/Fall
concept publishment
2005/10/28 KOF2005
Ver.0.8 release !
Ver.0.9 release !
Ver.1.0 & Accelerated Kits release !




Yokohama Linux Users Group
"Accelerated KNOPPIX - It aims at a true open source software base. -"
1,001,578 Byte (japanese)
Kansai Open Forum 2005 at Osaka Japan
"The effort to accelerate KNOPPIX."
1,086,271 Byte (japanese)
Open Source Conference 2005 Fall/Tokyo Japan
"Development of driver for CD/DVD boot Linux to accelerate."
1,001,578 Byte (japanese)

Download iso

!ATTENTION! Thank you for your interest in Acclerated KNOPPIX. Due to heavy demand, it is now very hard to download iso image. Please try again later.

English version KNOPPIX can be used by inputting the following boot option. boot:knoppix lang=us

Accelerated-KNOPPIX Ver.1.1
download page
1.0 -> 1.1 Changelog
  • OpenOffice.org version up (2.0.1 -> 2.0.2.).
  • MultiVNC1.4.1 is install.
  • RealVNC version up (4.1.1 -> 4.1.2).
Accelerated-KNOPPIX Ver.1.0
    download page
0.9 -> 1.0 Changelog
  • The base of KNOPPIX was changed to Version 4.0.2. Enjoy KNOPPIX that is increased start up speed!
  • The start sequence was reviewed.
  • Not only the start sequence but also the block of the data of the application was read ahead.
  • The competition of the CD-ROM access generated in the data block lookahead has been decreased.
Accelerated-KNOPPIX Ver.0.9
download page
0.8 -> 0.9 Changelog
  • The detection of the serial device was divided as part of boot sequence that executes concurrently in parallel with other device detection.
  • The service process runs parallel and is started.
  • It uses the following command to "prelink" the load module.
  • It corresponded to an external drive that was not possible to start by the previous version.Please input the option that's below when KNOPPIX start up by an external drive.
    boot: knoppix usbboot
    boot: knoppix fwboot
Accelerated-KNOPPIX Ver.0.8
download page
!CAUTION! Accelerated-KNOPPIX Ver.0.8 can't boot from USB and Firewire CD-ROM drive

Live CD Acceleration Toolkit "LCAT"

download page(sourceforge)
LCAT manual (en)
download page (sourceforge)





Alpha Systems Inc. greatly appreciate Linus Torvalds, Klaus Knopper, those who participate to develop Linux, and IPA, Japan.


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