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Product Media Link Player - DLNA/UPnP application for iPhone
Media Link Player, a.k.a. MLPlayer is one and only iPhone application that provides you great DLNA/UPnP experience in your home network. Media Link Player supports three DLNA device classes; M-DMP, DMC and M-DMS, and also some features including Cross-Server Search,Cross-Server Slideshow, and Music Playlist.

R&D Accelerated KNOPPIX -The LiveCD Revolution-
Acclerated KNOPPIX

Accelerated-KNOPPIX focuses on the live CD boot functionality of KNOPPIX in offering a high-speed boot version of KNOPPIX. Compared to conventional live CDs, Accelerated-KNOPPIX can be expected to cut boot times by more than half. Moreover, "LCAT" (Live CD Acceleration Toolkit) is an acceleration toolkit used to optimize the “cloop (Compressed Loopback Block Device)” employed on live CDs like KNOPPIX.

R&D MultiVNC -Intelligent Desktops Supervising Software-

MultiVNC (Multiple Virtual Network Computing) is Linux software that enables multiple, networked desktops to be viewed and operated via one PC. With MultiVNC, no expensive server equipment is necessary, as MultiVNC can be used in a PC + LAN environment. MultiVNC really shows its true value in settings where, for example, teachers want to demonstrate something to students who have difficulty operating PCs.