Principal Performance Indicators for the last 5 years

(Million Yen)

Performance data


Net Sales 25,69826,80627,75429,10030,825
  Software Developments 25,11925,66626,71027,89129,029
Others 5791,1401,0441,2081,795
Gross Profit 5,967 6,1636,5376,8557,265
Selling, General and Administrative Expenses 3,5673,6033,6993,7803,927
Operating Income 2,3992,5602,8373,0753,337
Ordinary Income 2,4672,6302,9033,1403,411
Net Income 2,0171,7371,9922,0892,293
Total Net Assets 32,05433,20734,23433,27534,874
Total Liabilities and Net Assets 40,06641,38740,65540,13042,807


Gross Profit to Net Sales 23.2%23.0%23.6%23.6%23.6%
Operating Income to Net Sales 9.3%9.6%10.2%10.6%10.8%
Ordinary Income to Net Sales 9.6%9.8%10.5%10.8%11.1%
Net Income to Net Sales 7.9%6.5%7.2%7.2%7.4%

Financial data


ROA 5.0%4.3%4.9%5.2%5.5%
ROE 6.4%5.3%5.9%6.2%6.7%
Net Income per Share (yen) 135.97117.11134.30145.05163.38
Net Assets per Share (yen) 2,160.482,238.212,307.482,370.062,483.95
Dividends per Share (yen) 4060505070
Number Of Issued And Outstanding Shares 14,848,20014,848,20014,848,20014,052,40014,052,400
Payout Ratio 29.4%51.2%37.2%34.5%42.8%
Number of Employees 2,5222,5452,5632,6642,722

Net sales

Operating income

Ordinary income

Net income

Sales Composition Ratio

Changes in Amount of Orders Received[Quarterly]

Number of Employees