Principal Performance Indicators for the last 5 years

(Million Yen)

Performance data


Net Sales 25,69826,80627,75429,10030,300
  Software Developments 25,11925,66626,71027,891-
Others 5791,1401,0441,208-
Gross Profit 5,967 6,1636,5376,855-
Selling, General and Administrative Expenses 3,5673,6033,6993,780-
Operating Income 2,3992,5602,8373,0753,200
Ordinary Income 2,4672,6302,9033,1403,270
Net Income 2,0171,7371,9922,0892,200
Total Net Assets 32,05433,20734,23433,275-
Total Liabilities and Net Assets 40,06641,38740,65540,130-


Gross Profit to Net Sales 23.2%23.0%23.6%23.6%-
Operating Income to Net Sales 9.3%9.6%10.2%10.6%10.6%
Ordinary Income to Net Sales 9.6%9.8%10.5%10.8%10.8%
Net Income to Net Sales 7.9%6.5%7.2%7.2%7.3%

Financial data


ROA 4.4%5.0%4.3%4.9%5.2%
ROE 5.8%6.4%5.3%5.9%6.2%
Net Income per Share (yen) 118.19135.97117.11134.30145.05
Net Assets per Share (yen) 2,085.372,160.482,238.212,307.482,370.06
Dividends per Share (yen) 6040605050
Number Of Issued And Outstanding Shares 14,848,20014,848,20014,848,20014,848,20014,052,400
Payout Ratio 50.8%29.4%51.2%37.2%34.5%
Number of Employees 2,4712,5222,5452,5632,664

Net sales

Operating income

Ordinary income

Net income

Sales Composition Ratio

Changes in Amount of Orders Received[Quarterly]

Number of Employees