Our Strengths

Our strength in development

The three greatest strengths of Alpha Systems in software development are the wide range of elemental technologies and the know-how in large-scale systems development that we have built up in the course of establishing our impressive track record, and our corporate culture, which places top priority on quality. It is these characteristics that make our corps of technical specialists the driving force of Alpha Systems. In other words, our knowledge and our commitment to quality constitute our core competence.

Wide range of technology components

The technologies required for the development of backbone communications systems and open systems extend across an extremely wide technological spectrum. We engage in systems development to meet the needs of customers in a very wide variety of industrial fields, ranging from assembler-based embedded software through technological frameworks compatible with enterprise software such as J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition), to Web technology.

Know-how in large-scale systems development

Alpha Systems has participated in a large number of extremely large-scale software development projects. In the case of large-scale systems, numerous practical problems are frequently encountered of kinds that are not seen with small-scale or medium-scale systems. However, only a relatively small number of companies have experience in the systematic development of large-scale software projects. Alpha Systems has a total staff of over 2,000, consisting of system engineers qualified to write programs, as well as experienced project managers and technical managers. This highly capable workforce enables us to confidently undertake projects for a wide range of customers, and to offer systems that are thoroughly reliable.

Focus on product quality is at the core of our corporate culture

From its inception, Alpha Systems has been engaged in the development of software for systems such as telephone switches, where extremely high quality and reliability are absolute prerequisites. Because of this, as an integral element of our “corporate DNA,“ we have inherited a constant concern with ensuring that our products and services are of the highest quality.