Management Principles

Mission Statement

The Company aims to cultivate harmony and mutual trust among its management, employees, shareholders, customers, and other stakeholders. This, we believe, will enable the discovery and perfection of superior technology. We constantly stress the importance of the three key words contained within this mission statement -- harmony, trust, and technology -- and work to create a company that effectively combines deeply human qualities with advanced technological expertise.

Corporate Philosophy

Constantly developing our technological expertise

Because we work in the telecommunications industry, where technological innovation in recent years has been (and continues to be) particularly dramatic, we have developed a corporate creed in which we aim to achieve meaningful development in a way that will benefit not only ourselves, but also the quality of life of the whole population. In this spirit of earnestness, for more than thirty years we have worked to develop ever-more-advanced backbone communication systems. We have been able to do so thanks to the joy that we feel when we succeed in raising our technology to the next level after a long and relentless pursuit of one innovation after another. We have now entered an age in which there is no longer any clear-cut boundary between telecommunications and broadcasting. The telecommunications industry will undoubtedly undergo a raft of bewildering changes over the next few years, and we hope to play a central role in the spread of ubiquitous network as an innovative creator of communications systems.

Contributing to the healthy development of society by developing high-quality systems

We will soon see the emergence of a society in which people can access a wide range of service via ubiquitous network systems. Information and communication networks are the unseen foundations on which such a system of interlocking ubiquitous networks will rest, and their importance is increasing day by day. Alpha Systems is one of the key companies helping to disseminate telecommunications technology and create the ever-evolving applications to which the technology is being put. To secure our position in this role, we are aggressively making long-term investments in the training of qualified staff, and in the provision of an environment optimally suited to technological research and development. We are simultaneously working to ensure a strong management base -- prerequisites to raising our enterprise value. In so doing, we will maintain, and hopefully further enhance technological expertise. In its turn, this will enable us to offer the sort of high-quality systems our customers need. The end-result of our efforts will be improvements in the prosperity and lifestyle satisfaction of the general public. Through our operations as a “software service provider,” we aim to help utilize ICT as a solution to many problems of a social nature. Moreover, as our shareholders and other stakeholders will benefit - directly or indirectly - from the growth of the Company’s enterprise value, this, too, will constitute a significant contribution to society.

Customer Satisfaction Action Guideline

Our modus operandi is this: first we ask our customers what they want; then we ask them again in more detail; finally, we make our proposals, and if they are accepted, we go into action.

To raise our trustworthiness among our customers, we have adequately invested in a full software development system, and have taken steps to acquire certification under the ISO or CMMI (Capability Maturity Model ® Integration) standards. We do not unilaterally decide what will satisfy our customers: we leave that to the customers themselves.